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Phone Cling Card Holder

This sleek cardholder cling with rotating ring adheres to the back of your phone, making it easier to hold and also giving you a way to stand your phone up on any flat surface. It also holds a few important cards!

  • Faux Leather Construction
  • Peel and Stick Back
  • Rotating Silvertone Ring -- Use as Phone Stand or Finger Grip
  • Back Pocket For Your Phone Holds ID, Credit Card, or Business Card
  • 3.5" x 2.25"
Size Guide
Yarmulke Sizing Guide

Please note: This guide is a general guide and will work for many average size heads, however, we cannot possibly guarantee that the sizing will work for you

All children's' heads run differently!  Please also keep in mind that velvet Yarmulkes shrink with wear, and also mold to the head within a week or two of wearing, so even if a Yarmulke comes a little big, most likely it will fit nicely within a week or two.  (Obviously not if it's HUGE)

We currently carry two brands of Yarmulkes.  We recommend to use the same sizing across both brands.  They are not exactly the same, but not different enough to recommend different sizing for each brand.  Our general guide is as follows:

The most typical size for an Upsherin Boy is either a 2 or 3.  

Ages 4/5 through ages 7/8 will typically wear a size 3-4.

Ages 8/9-11/12 will typically wear a size 4- 5.

Older children may continue to wear a 4-5 (heads do not grow quickly), or move into a size 6.

This guide is based on a typical boy who wears his Yarmulke big enough to be seen all around his head but not huge.  

The Brands We Carry:

iKippah - We carry the iKippah brand velvet Yarmulkes.  We believe this is a high quality, plush, velvet with very uniform sizing and a great fit.

Keter - we carry many of the Keter Fashion yarmulkes.  These include Wool, Cotton, Merino, Linen, and Corduroy.  The sizing for these run like the Keter sizing always did.  We find that they have a slightly flatter fit than iKippah, and the different materials do run slightly different, however as a general rule we would still recommend to stay within the same size.

Doesn't each Yarmulke fit differently? Some people worry that each Yarmulke has to be tried on, as each one fits differently.  There is truth to that, as the Yarmulkes do not come perfectly uniform.  However, we have found most of the time that if you know your size, each individual Yarmulke is not so different and they will usually fit ok.  Also, as your child wears his Yarmulke it will mold to his head, and usually even if it starts out a little big it will fit nicely within a week or two.

Tzitzis Sizing:

Our undershirt Tzitzis are the Malchut Brand.

Poly/Cotton Tzitzis are Keter brand.

Tzitzis sizing does not run like standard sizing.  In general, we recommend using as small a size as possible so it doesn't stick out under the boys shirt.  An upsherin boy would start with the smallest size (2) and probably wear that size for a few years.  As they get bigger you can gradually move up sizes, but not usually coordinating with their true clothing size.