About us

Welcome to Yarmulkes and Bows!

Yarmulkes and Bows was established in 2011 as a local Detroit business, providing personalized Yarmulkes and all kinds of girls hair accessories.  When our unique, trendy, and adorable Yarmulke styles and excellent customer service spread to many other communities, we realized there was a need for a website to provide these services to customers all over.  Yarmulkesandbows.com first launched in August 2013.  The website has been steadily growing, and slowly we started branching into other products. 

At Yarmulkes and Bows we are committed to providing excellent service, products, and prices.  We strive to ship our orders promptly, and work extra hard, especially during peak seasons, to provide quick and efficient service.

We are so happy you've come to check us out and are sure you'll be most happy you did!